Remember Me

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Announcements, Features, Releases

UPDATE, 3/31/19: We’re out of beta! This update is now available for all iOS and Android users.

We are always striving to provide Insteon customers with a better home control experience than they can get through other apps. Sometimes that’s by delivering a clean design, sometimes it’s by focusing on performance, and sometimes it’s about offering conveniences the other apps just don’t have. Conveniences like multi-tasking and screen rotation on iOS devices. Like our last release, which added support for multiple homes. Or like our latest beta update, which remembers the last group you accessed.

Once you select a group, Homeboy will remember that selection the next time you pick up your device and switch to the Groups tab in Homeboy. Have multiple homes? Homeboy will remember your last selected group for each home. Stop the app? No problem…it’ll still remember. Just installed an update? Yep…even then. As long as it’s installed on your mobile device, Homeboy will remember your last selected group.  

If you use Homeboy on multiple mobile devices, each device will remember the last selected group separately. Homeboy saves your group selection locally, on your devices—not in the cloud. So you and other household members will have individual experiences. Or so you can quickly access the family room scenes from your coffee table tablet.

This is a little thing, for sure, but it can be a time saver, particularly if you have a bunch of groups defined for different rooms in your home. Plus, we like the little things. The little things are important.

Check out our latest beta release to try this new feature in iOS or Android. If you don’t already have access to our beta updates and you’d like to, please reach out to us at