Get the Deets on Your Smart Home

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Announcements, Features, Releases, Tips

Figuring out why your smart home is behaving the way it does can be a challenge sometimes. Many smart home apps let you control scenes and devices, but they don’t provide you with any useful information about the things you’re controlling. Others let you configure devices and scenes, but the only way to research how your system is set up is to wade through all those options.

We think it should be easier, which is why we’ve created new device and scene details views in our Android and iOS apps. Maybe you just want to know an Insteon device’s ID. Or when a particular scene is scheduled to run.

Or—perhaps most importantly—you want insight into what a scene is doing. How is it triggered? What days are included in the schedule? Which keypads are getting sync’ed?

We think this kind of visibility into your smart home is important, and now it’s available in the latest beta releases of Homeboy for Android and iOS. If you’re not already in our beta channel, reach out to us and let us know the platform and email address for the account registered to your mobile device. We think this is a useful feature, and we’re looking forward to your feedback on this update.

In the meantime, here are some screen captures of the new feature.