Insteon Thermostat Owners: Wanna Beta?

by | May 8, 2018 | Announcements, Beta, Features

Updated 6/12/18: Our iOS beta is also available now!

We’ve released a beta version of Homeboy on Android and iOS that supports Insteon Thermostats—specifically, the Insteon Wired Thermostat (2441TH). This is the current version of the standard Insteon thermosat. Note that we are not supporting the Wired Thermostat for Heat Pumps (2732-242), the Wireless Thermostat (which is essentially a remote sensor and controller for an installed Wired Thermostat), or the Thermostat Adaptors.

Android and iOS phones showing Homeboy thermostat controls in C°
Don’t worry…it supports F° too

If you use the Insteon 2441TH thermostat in your home, we’d like to get you into our beta group. You’ll get an advance preview of this new device support in Homeboy, and in return we’ll ask that you provide us with feedback along the way so we can get some more real-world exposure for our new features.

This beta release of our Android and iOS apps include the following:

  • Insteon Thermostat status and control, including temperature, mode, and fan control
  • Improved light dimming precision, showing specific dim level percentage while adjusting
  • General performance, stability, and usability improvements
If you’re in the iOS camp, you don’t have to feel left out…that’s coming soon, too! (yeah…like now!)

If you have the Insteon Wired Thermostat, and you’d like to try out this new support, please reach out to us at