Homeboy Now Supports FanLinc

by | May 18, 2017 | Announcements, Features, Releases

After positive feedback from our beta testers and even some support from the folks at Insteon, we’ve completed our work on the latest Homeboy release to support the Insteon Fan Controller. If you’re a long-time Insteon user, you may be more familiar with this product by its original name, the FanLinc.

This update is available for both the iOS and Android (including the Fire tablet) versions of Homeboy.

Additionally, we improved how the Android app behaves after you haven’t used it for a while. Instead of displaying a view with potentially outdated device information, the app now returns to show your Favorites, reloading all devices and status information, just like on iOS and Windows Phone.

You should get the new update automatically if you installed the app on iOS, Android, or Amazon Fire tablet. Let us know how you like the update by adding a comment to this post or by reaching out to us at support@homeboycontrol.zendesk.com.