Homeboy Lets You Control Your Environment

by | Jul 10, 2018 | Announcements, Features, Releases

Homeboy's thermostat control screen appears on an Android phone. An Insteon thermostat is visible in the background.
Our latest update adds thermostat support

Summer heat getting you down? Homeboy makes it easy to keep your environment comfortable. Set the fan speed with your Insteon Fan Controller-powered ceiling fan. Or adjust the temperature on your Insteon thermostat. That’s right—Homeboy now supports the Insteon Thermostat.

The latest release of Homeboy for Insteon Hub specifically adds support for the Insteon Wired Thermostat (2441TH). This and the following additional improvements are now available for iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire tablets:

  • Improved ability to set specific level on dimmable lighting devices
  • Improved visibility into device status updates on Android
  • Better support for Android “Oreo”
  • General bug fixes and stability improvements

Just as with other Insteon products, you’ll still use Insteon’s own app to set up your thermostat, but now you can control the temperate, fan, and operation mode right from Homeboy. If your thermostat is set to work in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit, Homeboy will show your temperature in degrees Celsius.

Note that we are not supporting the Wired Thermostat for Heat Pumps (2732-242), the Wireless Thermostat (which is essentially a remote sensor and controller for an installed Wired Thermostat), or the Thermostat Adaptors. However, you may find that some thermostat control features may work on those devices.

New to Homeboy? Get started with our FAQ page that lists all the Insteon products we support.