Homeboy brings a better Insteon experience to Android and Windows Phone

SOURCE: Homeboy Software Inc.

October 14, 2015 6:00 ET

Toronto, ON – Homeboy Software Inc. has announced the public beta release of its Android and Windows Phone apps, which provide an alternative and better user experience for Insteon Hub 2 owners. The apps allow consumers to control Insteon lights and appliances in their home from anywhere with an Internet connection. Homeboy uses material design on Android phones and tablets and modern design on Windows Phone to deliver a native experience on today’s mobile devices.

Homeboy provides the entire family with a simple way of controlling the home. Set up the Insteon home and devices using any Insteon for Hub app. Family members can then control it all with Homeboy.

“We are a team of Insteon enthusiasts, passionate about home control and automation. We believe that the user experience for home control and automation should be much better than what’s currently available and affordable. That’s why we created Homeboy. This is our first step toward delivering on that vision,” says Matt Wilks, Co-Founder of Homeboy Software Inc.

Product Features

This beta release of the Homeboy apps includes core control features including

  • Quickly accessing all Insteon devices, favorites, and rooms/groups
  • Viewing device statuses throughout a home with a single glance
  • Controlling lights and appliances

The company plans to expand the capabilities of Homeboy with support for

  • Scene control
  • Additional Insteon devices, including sensors and thermostats
  • Other popular connected products and services
  • iOS and Windows


Homeboy is available in beta immediately for Android phones and tablets in the Google Play store and for Windows Phones in the Microsoft Store. The beta version of Homeboy is free. Using Homeboy requires the Insteon Hub 2 (2245-222) and compatible Insteon devices.

About Homeboy Software Inc.

Homeboy Software Inc. was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Our goal is to provide better control of the Insteon lights and appliances in your home. For additional information and press inquiries, please contact